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Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, Inc. (NAN for short) was formed to serve the needs of seniors wishing to age in place and to serve intergenerational health and other quality-of-life needs of all of us in the Bannockburn community.
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All Things Bannockburnian: Newcomers Dinner

Hello Bannockburn Neighbors!

Please join us on Saturday March 10th at 6pm for the Annual Newcomers Dinner at the Bannockburn Clubhouse.

A long-standing, beloved tradition, this is a fun pot-luck party hosted by our residents to give a warm welcome to new neighbors.

If you have moved to the area within the last few years and never attended the Newcomers Dinner please come as our Guest!

We will have cocktail hour from 6 to 7 (wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks), a buffet dinner, an introduction to the community, as well as some of our useful area resources, welcome to newcomers, and even some sample musical renditions from the Annual Spring Show!

Newcomers, as our guests, do not bring anything to the dinner. In our ongoing tradition, our veteran residents host the Potluck by bringing assigned courses in a fun Alphabet PotLuck.

** In addition we are asking each Veteran Neighbor to please bring a bottle for the bar. Wine, Beer, something to drink.

Veteran Neighbors: Please bring a dish for 12 to 15 people, according to the following REVISED time-tested Alphabet Pot Luck Tradition!

  • A thru G: Please Bring a DESSERT

  • H thru N: Please Bring a SIDE DISH or SALAD

  • O through Z: Please Bring a MAIN

    All Dishes need to serve 12 to 15 people.

    Although we wish we could include children, we simply cannot accommodate the large numbers in the limited space available. We invite you to BOOK YOUR BABYSITTER NOW from 6pm to 9 or 10pm on Saturday March 10th.

    The NextdoorBannockburn is a wonderful source for available babysitters .

    In addition below is a list of area babysitters to help you arrange childcare at your home. (However, babies are certainly always welcome to accompany the dinner their parents).

  • Michelle Kaplan Cohen: michelle_kabelle@yahoo.com, (301)-233-6103
  • Melanie Kaplan Cohen: mkaplancohen@gmail.com, 301-448-0671
  • Michelle Hueyy: michelle.huey@loop.column.edu
  • Maya Humeau - email at dana.chladek@gmail.com
  • Dylan Rothschild ("Pablo") burritopablo@aol.com
  • Michael Paulos 3016332527
  • Jenny Frank - cell- 301-325-9526 or jennyfrank1@gmail.com.
  • Zoe Taswell, cell 301-801-9009, Zoe.taswell12@gmail.com
  • Eloise Toye, 202-957.7702 Lancsweert.toye@gmail.com
  • Elise Nichols- e.s.nichols17@gmail.com or text at 240-338-0044.

    If you are a local sitter and are NOT listed above and are available on March 10th -- please post on Nextdoor this week to let parents know you are available. thanks!

    We look forward to seeing you ALL on

    Saturday March 10th at the
    Bannockburn Clubhouse at 6314 Bannockburn Drive

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