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Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, Inc. (NAN for short) was formed to serve the needs of seniors wishing to age in place and to serve intergenerational health and other quality-of-life needs of all of us in the Bannockburn community.
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All Things Bannockburnian: Neighbors Assisting Neighbors

What is Neighbors Assisting Neighbors?

NAN is an all-volunteer nonprofit (501c3 - pending) organization that supports seniors who want to "age in place" in the context of the whole community. NAN also supports the intergenerational quality of life needs of all in Bannockburn. NAN accomplishes its mission through the following:

  • Identifies needs and resources of the Bannockburn community
  • Establishes a support network of block coordinators who take the pulse of neighbors in need and seek to connect them to resources
  • Provides informational programs of interest to and in support of Bannockburn seniors
  • Provides opportunities for elders to continue to actively contribute to their community
  • Builds relationships and seeks mutually beneficial opportunities with like-minded groups and resources in the region (e.g., Burning Tree, Cabin John "Villages," Fox Hill programs, Washington Area Villages federation of "Villages" etc.)

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Are there any Helpful Documents and Articles?

NAN provides the following Documents:

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Is there a list of Senior Centers and Resources?

Senior Centers & Programs

  • Bethesda Vital Living Center - 240.395.0915
  • Chinese American Senior Services Association - 240.631.6882
  • Jewish Community Center - 301.881.0100
  • Korean American Senior Citizen Association - 301.438.7304 Montgomery College Lifelong Learning Institute - 240.567.5188
  • OASIS (Lifelong Learning for Mature Adults; in Macy's Home Store) - 301.469.6800; press 1, then ext. 211
  • Johns Hopkins University's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Rockville Campus) - 301.294.7058
  • Senior Source of Holy Cross Hospital - 301.754.8510
  • Sibley Senior Association (in NW Wash DC; close to many Montgomery County residents) - 202.364.7602
  • Tuesday Senior Program (for Russian speaking adults) - 301.348.3876
  • Vietnamese Senior Association of Maryland - 240.487.6729

Senior Service Contact Numbers

Compiled as "Staying Connected" by Living & Thriving in Montgomery County - a publication of Montgomery County Government; brought to you here by Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors

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When did NAN begin and who started it?

In late 2007 Bob and Helen Pelikan, two Bannockburn senior residents, found that health issues were temporarily limiting their ability to handle tasks needed to maintain their independence and home. They were gifted by caring neighbors who provided meals, took out trash, shopped and sent positive energy for healing. They wondered if others in Bannockburn might have similar needs and welcome support in order to stay in their homes. Miriam Kelty was the first of several neighbors to respond positively and together they formed NAN, filed for and became a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization in 2009. NAN is also approved for offering community service learning credits to Montgomery County Schools.

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What kind of support does NAN provide?

NAN is prepared to assist neighbors who need transportation, errands, equipment loans, household organization, help with chores or those who would enjoy a social visit with neighbors. Needs may be short-term or long-term and do not have to be related to illness. NAN will also try to refer people to resources when the need extends beyond what NAN volunteers can provide.

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What has NAN accomplished specifically to date?

  • Conducted a Bannockburn community needs & resources survey on-line. The response rate was less than for the in-person survey of prior years.
  • Provided rides for seniors as needed and on a regular basis.
  • Provided assistance including meals to neighbors.
  • Served as resources and support to neighbors who needed more intensive care. Assisted in transition to professional service providers.
  • Helped with household chores (changing bulbs, washers, be present if a professional repair person is needed).
  • Lent equipment from canes to crutches to baby seats
   Programs / Events
  • Provided transportation to the Newcomers Dinner in January
  • Hosted a program on Money Matters with Leah Nichaman in February
  • Hosted Ruth Marcus in April who spoke on: The Congress: What's Likely, What's Possible, What's Dead
  • Provided information session on Senior Leadership Montgomery in May.
  • Transportation to Spring Show in May.
  • Water exercise in June and July
  • NAN table at Ice-cream social in September
  • Falls Awareness Home and Health program in September
  • Sunday speaker series hosted program on Cuba in October.
  • Three book clubs stimulated by NAN 4 years ago continue to meet regularly.
  • NAN participated in year-end Bannockburn holiday activities.

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How can I request or offer assistance?

A family or person requesting assistance can do so in one of two ways (from the most public to the most private):

  • Post a message to the Bannockburn listserv that states your request. This informal method is surprisingly effective. The Bannockburn listserv is not a project of NAN, but NAN benefits from it greatly. For information on how to subscribe, visit the Bannockburn Community Website
  • Fill out a NAN information form either online at NAN Survey or obtain a print copy from (and return it completed to) your block coordinator or NAN board member. A block coordinator will then work with you to identify an appropriate volunteer.

If you need assistance right away (that is not of a 911 emergency nature), please call Miriam Kelty or JoAnn Krecke.

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What is the geographical area covered by NAN?

NAN's working boundaries include all households listed in the street listing and map of the Bannockburn Directory. This includes about 450 households.

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What is the age distribution within Bannockburn?

According to the 2008/9 surveys, households with residents in various age groups are:


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What types of services/support can B'burners provide?

  Lend equipment 31 households
  Do friendly visiting 67 households
  Provide transportation 71 households
  Run errands 101 households
  Communication help 62 households
  Provide kitchen help 38 households

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How does NAN engage with like-minded organizations and groups in the region?

Montgomery County, the Bethesda Regional Senior Services Center and the Montgomery County Commission on Aging have an interest in "aging in place" and the village model of support for seniors.

  • The county hosts a web site dedicated to Senior Services and Senior Resources.
  • NAN regularly participates in regional Villages meetings, such as Washington Area Villages Exchange (WAVE), a group of the approximately 40 operating and emerging villages. Miriam Kelty, President of NAN currently is President of WAVE, a member of the Montgomery County Commission on Aging, and of the Adult Protective Services Guardianship Review Board.
  • During 2013, NAN participated in a study of Senior Village in Montgomery County.
  • A full-time Mobility Coordinator has been hired by Montgomery County.
  • A full-time Village Coordinator has been hired who will implement many of the recommendations that NAN made to the County in earlier years

NAN is participating in a grant-funded Jewish Council on Aging/Senior Connection Village Rides program that will coordinate transportation for operating villages .

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How is NAN structured?

NAN is incorporated in Maryland as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation run by a volunteer board and supported by a network of block coordinators and other volunteers. Montgomery County is actively encouraging organizations like NAN and views us as a model for other neighborhoods. About 30 neighborhoods are organizing, but we are among the few that is intergenerational, requires no dues and is all volunteer.

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Who is on the board?
Current board members include:

      Miriam Kelty, President
      Steve Baldwin, Vice President and Treasurer
      Richard Boltuck
      Helene Granof
      Doris Brody, Secretary
      JoAnn Krecke, Coordinator of Block Coordinators
      Eric Nichols
      Lynn Springer

Board members serve staggered terms. We welcome nominations of interested neighbors to become involved with NAN and serve on the board.

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What is a Block Coordinator (BC) and how can I find the BC for our block?

A block coordinator is a volunteer who is a point of contact for people requesting or offering assistance. The block coordinator is sensitive to and keeps tabs on what's happening on the block. To contact a block coordinator please contact Miriam Kelty - (keltym@verizon.net / 301-229-5639) or JoAnn Krecke

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How can I get involved with or otherwise support NAN?

There are several ways to participate with NAN:

  • Volunteer to be a block coordinator if your block does not yet have one. See next section.
  • Fill out the NAN information form at NAN Survey, indicating those areas where you can help most.
  • Organize a special event on a topic about which you know, or putting NAN in touch with someone you know who might speak on a particular topic.
  • Host a NAN potluck or tea party at your home or at the Clubhouse.

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I'm interested in serving as a block coordinator; what would be expected of me in such a role?

Specific duties include:

  • Distribute the annual survey and coordinate its collection.
  • Compile and maintain a list of names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of residents in the BC's block. Note those residents over 80 years old and those in need of special services.
  • Recognizing that most people are not comfortable asking for help, gently and respectfully inquire into/explore the status of older or less-abled Bannockburners.
  • Coordinate volunteers offering help with those neighbors requesting assistance.
  • Participate in an annual all-block coordinator meeting/workshop.
  • Communicate neighborhood needs in a timely way with NAN board members and other block coordinators regularly through a listserv (?)
  • Communicate to appropriate B'burners: We ask BCs to commit to a one-year term, which is renewable.

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Do you know who your Block Coordinator is?

Block coordinators are the key "connectors" of Neighbors Assisting Neighbors. They help us track who's moved in, who's moved out, who's in need, and who may have something to contribute. Are you in need of support? Can you volunteer or otherwise contribute help? Please let your block coordinator know.

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