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Bannockburn Neighbors Assisting Neighbors, Inc. (NAN for short) was formed to serve the needs of seniors wishing to age in place and to serve intergenerational health and other quality-of-life needs of all of us in the Bannockburn community.
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All Things Bannockburnian: Community Communications

The Famous Bannockburn Newsletter

The Bannockburn Newsletter can be sent directly to you as a PDF attachment (like this). To add yourself to the list of over 600 folks who already receive the newsletter this way - simply send an email to bannockburn-newsletter+subscribe@googlegroups.com

The NEW BBURN and NAN Email Groups

Bannockburn and NAN have new email groups.

Why more groups?

Many of you have signed onto NextDoor. Yet, some of you are still expressing disappointment about the demise of our old BBURN listserv. Our neighborhood seems to miss it.
NAN certainly misses being able to announce its events on BBURN.
In response, TWO new groups have been created to fill the inbox void.

The BannockburnCommunity group is much like BBURN used to be - everyone can post about events and issues of interest to the community.
The NAN group is limited to notices of NAN events, resources and other information posted ONLY by NAN Coordinators.


To request membership in this group - simply send an email to BannockburnCommunity+subscribe@googlegroups.com


To join the NAN group - simply send an email to JoinNAN@BannockburnCommunity.org and REPLY to the confirmation email - do NOT use the button in the email.

NEXTDOOR Bannockburn is the Bannockburn neighborhood's online social media web site, sponsored and managed by the Bannockburn Civic Association (BCA). It offers numerous features, but is only accessible to those who live within the community and become members.

To join, click here NEXTDOOR Bannockburn, fill in your home address, and follow the instructions to select a method to confirm that your physical address is within the Bannockburn neighborhood boundaries (the confirmation requirement is a security measure to make sure that non-Bannockburnians don't have access to material posted on our web site).
Over 780 of your neighbors have joined already!

Join your neighbors (in GREEN) on NEXTDOOR

Here is a recent Wall Street Journal article: Won't You Be in My Nextdoor Network?
It offers an excellent introduction to the NEXTDOOR phenomenon which is steadily gaining popularity across the country as more and more communities set up web sites.

Here is a video from WSJ about NEXTDOOR not your regular social network...

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions -- or you encounter any difficulty joining NEXTDOOR Bannockburn -- please contact the group's administrators here nextdoor@bannockburncommunity.org.

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